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Max Malish
Max Malish, a 2nd year social work student at RACU, is completing an internship program at the Center for Children's Creativity. The Center, which was established by RACU graduate Tatyana Lobacheva, gives disabled children the opportunity to be involved in a range of artistic activities - such as music, painting, sculpture, and appliqué - as well as social rehabilitation programs ... read more >

Olga Boytsova
Olga was born in Moscow in 1983 to a Christian family. She has one sibling, a younger brother. Olga's family attends a small Evangelical church, where Olga - who has been a member since she was ten years old - is involved in the worship team ... read more >

Pasha Smirnov
Pasha was born in Moscow to a Christian family, one of ten children. From his early childhood, Pasha attended a Baptist church, where he assisted teachers with Sunday school classes and later started a music ministry (he plays the guitar). Pasha is also a youth pastor in his church, working with a group of about fifty teenagers ... read more >

Ivan Bobovich
Ivan is from Kirovo-Chepetsk. He is the second child in his family: his sister is 22 years old (she is a college student taking distant education program in accounting) and his brother is 11 (he is a high school student). When Ivan’s brother was born, their father left the family. He is not supporting his ex-wife and his children. Ivan’s mother works as a crane-operator at construction sites ... read more >

Anait Sargsyan
Anait Sargsyan’s story begins with a series of discouraging events: her father was convinced by his family to divorce her mother because they had three daughters and no sons; her mother suffered from medical problems resulting from severe beatings by her husband; and the courts in Armenia refused to grant her mother’s request for a fair settlement of the divorce ... read more >

Galina Danilova
Galina Danilova was born in the Republic of Bashkiria, one of three sisters. When she was four years old, her mother became seriously ill – so ill, at last, that she was taken to a hospital in another city. “I remember,” Galya says, “how my father and I went to visit Mom at the hospital. After about a year, she died, and Dad became my father, my mother, and my best friend.” Life without her mother was very difficult for Galya ... read more >

Alexey Efimov
Alexey Efimov was born in Lugansk, Ukraine in 1977. His family was like thousands of other families in the USSA: his father was a truck driver, his mother was a shop assistant. Alexey spent his childhood and youth in a small town called Khartsysk ... read more >

Alexander Kireev
Alexander Kireev was born in the Samara region of Russia. His mother is a housewife, his father an electrician. Alexander’s father spent a lot of time with him – he was very much involved in Alexander’s upbringing and was a real authority for Alexander ... read more >

Tanya Vetrova
Tanya’s parents were very famous business people in her native town in Bashkiria. They had almost everything they wanted: several cars, beautiful clothes, a very big, nice apartment and so on. But her dad got into debt and one day they lost everything ... read more >



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