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David Broersma
Chair, Department of Linguistics and Literature
David Broersma is an extremely valuable member of the RACU faculty, due to not only his exceptional professional skills and vast teaching experience but also his relational personality. He is committed to the whole RACU family: students, faculty, and staff. "The students at RACU and the people that I work with are simply wonderful," says David. "It is such a gift to be able to teach them, learn from them, and work with them ..." read more >

Oleg Chernishov
General Education Department
Oleg Chernishov was born in Moscow in a family of musicians. His childhood and youth were spent in the neighborhood of Nametkina Street (the district of the Christian Center). After high school, he studied at the Music College named after Gnesins – one of the best Music schools in Russia. He enjoyed his classes. As a student, he revealed his independent artistic character to his professors and they tried to do their best to develop his skills ... read more >

Donoso Escobar
Chairman, Department of Social Work
Donoso Escobar traveled a long way to join RACU as the head of the Social Work Department in November of 2001. Born the son of a Baptist minister in Nicaragua, he sensed that God was also calling him to become a minister during his senior year in High School. This call led him to move to Costa Rica to attend an inter-denominational seminary where he washed dishes, did guard duty, and washed laundry and typed papers for others to support himself through school ... read more >

Nadezhda Zheltuhina
English Department faculty
Nadya Zheltuhina was born and raised in the provincial city of Vologda, a city of about 400,000 that is best known for its production of dairy products, ball-bearings, and lace. Her mother is an engineer and her father a medical doctor. Growing up, Nadya’s parents kept her busy with extra-curricular activities. It was one of these after-school activities, learning English, that had consequences Nadya could never have foreseen ... read more >

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