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Department of Philology

Joyce Arkebauer

Education: B.A. in English and ESOL, 15 hours of graduate credit, Texas A&M

Email: Jarkebauer@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Intensive English Program

Olga Bogdanova

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Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Philology, Institute of World Literature

Teaching Responsibilities: Intro to Russian Literature, Seminar in Russian Literature

David Broersma

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Education: B.A. Purdue; MATESL; Ph.D. University of Illinois

Email: Dbroersma@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Advanced Academic English, American Literature II,Practicum in Tutoring English; Dean, Department of Philology

Mikhail Gruby

Education: M.A. in Religion, Newbold College, UK

Email: Mgruby@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Intensive English Program; Deputy Chair, Department of Philology

Natalya Kondrashova

Education: B.A. in English, Moscow State Linguistic University; M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, Organizational Development, Kent State University, Ohio

Email: Nkondrashova@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Director, Learning Resource Center

Nina Koryakina

Education: B.A. in Accounting, Moscow College of Commerce and Banking; M.A. in Linguistics (in progress), Moscow Pedagogical University

Email: Nstepanova@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Advanced Academic English, Intensive English Program

Igor Koshelev

Teaching Responsibilities: Theory and Practice of Translation

Nelly Roslyakova

Education: B.A., Tambov State Pedagogical Institute

Email: Nroslyakova@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Russian Language Review, Russian I (Stylistics), Russian II (Composition)

Julia Rybochkina

Education: B.A. in Linguistics, Moscow State Pedagogical Institute

Email: Jrybochkina@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Intensive English Program

Gennady Savin

Teaching Responsibilities: Ancient Languages

Ludmila Voskanyan

Email: Lvoskanyan@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: German Language II, III

Nadezhda Zheltuhina

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Education: B.A. in English/Education, Calvin College, Michigan; M.A. in Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, Moscow State University

Email: russianhope@racu.ru

Teaching Responsibilities: Intensive English Program

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